Sunday, April 25, 2021

Afternoon at Noboleis

 I headed out to scout with oils on board, and when I found this spot I realized I would HAVE to use my pen and ink!   So, hauling all is my gear back to the car, I switched gears and gathered up my ink gear. Hiking down to the vineyard, I looked up at the buildings on the hill and started to sketch. With pen and ink I drew in each one, coming back in with my favorite TWSBI Diamond mini fountain pen loaded with Levenger's Raven Black ink.  With a little water I was able to achieve the mid tones I wanted, and headed back to the car to frame up.  This was the quick paint, only two hours of paint time, but it didn't take me that long.  I really love my pen and ink, and it is always a good day when I'm sketching!  This painting sold right away, and it will hang in the office of Nobeleis Vineyard.  Painting number 3028 in 3028 days. 

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