Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Magnolia Chickadees

I love when my tulip magnolia tree starts blushing pink with blooms!  This beauty was a Mother's Day gift years ago from my little darlings, and each year when it blooms I remember that fondly.  I love the connections so many of my flowers and trees have with loved ones, on this earth and not.  Each bloom brings back the memories of those days.  I'm painting in oil on this rainy day, and a sudden rain shower tossed the blooms a bit, changing my composition.  They will brighten again tomorrow, and I might just paint this tree in front of the flowering pear behind it, more from a distance. In between rain, I finished this painting while the birds flew in and out of it's branches.  I enjoy painting to their birdsong!  Painting number 3011 in 3011 days.

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