Friday, January 29, 2021

Rural Creek

Love how the north side of this wooded hill hangs on to that snow!  As a daily painter, I know all the local spots, and just how the snow will melt.  This secluded little spot in the woods will still be lovely when there is hardly snow left in the surrounding areas. So, with ink and watercolor I do a quick sketch on 3x3 handmade paper.  This fountain pen is a TWSBI Eco in rose gold and white, and I've used one of those very compact strip watercolor palettes that fits neatly in my pocket.  So easy to paint anywhere with a pen, strip palette and water brush pen. A few pieces of paper and I'm good to go!  Painting number 2943 in 2943 days and day 29 of the #stradaeasel challenge. 


  1. Lovely sketch. So nice to be out even if it’s chilly.

    1. Thank you, Dixie! I do love getting out to paint no matter the weather!!