Saturday, January 16, 2021

Home in the Snow

I love these beautiful, snowy days in the country.  Everything is so clean and crisp with a fresh blanket of snow on.  Yesterday's lovely snow was already starting to melt early this morning, as is often the case here in Missouri.  I feel an urgency to get out there fast when I see the drops falling from the eves!  As I start painting with oils over an old canvas painting, I remember the days of building snow forts and snowmen.  My happy, laughing children covered with snow, making snow angels and throwing snowballs.  I would line up beach towels for all their wet clothing and boots, and start hot chocolate for us all.  Hot chocolate is always best after playing in the snow!  I love painting our 176 year old farmhouse, and I love being the third generation to live here.  My children and their children are now making memories here, too, making 6 generations who have done so in this place.  There is something very special about that.  Painting number 2929 in 2929 days. 

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