Friday, January 1, 2021

Cedar Path

I could hardly wait for the snow to arrive - and what a treat awaited me in the morning!  A winter wonderland at my door and the snow was calling.  My heat holder socks, a single layer of clothing and my down coat warm to -7 degrees was all I needed to stay warm.  With ice under snow, I normally would have stood on a yoga mat, but I left it in my trunk so did without.  Had I started to feel the cold, I would have gone back for it.  I'm painting with my 5x7 thumb box pochade - which is perfect for the weather.  I can finish one before I really feel the cold.  It looks like cold temps are expected all week - I sure hope this gorgeous snow remains!  Painting number 2915 in 2915 days, and this makes 8 years of daily painting!  ❤🎨

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