Thursday, April 23, 2020

Violet and White Pansies

I found some amazing new pansies at the Country Mart today in Peculiar!  I love this little grocery store in that small town!  I feel safer shopping there during the covid lockdown because it is never as crowded as the Belton markets.  Additionally, they have a wonderful display out front with garden plants and flowers, just like in days gone by.  The plants are so healthy - I have brought home a flat full with each visit!  So, before I start planting, I get painting!  Painting number 2664 in 2664 days.


  1. It's beautiful. My grandma would have loved it-pansies were her favorite flower.

  2. Amazing and beautiful, Tammie. Yet again! ☺️

  3. How does your garden grow. With love and paint how else? I love these.