Wednesday, April 22, 2020

River Willow on the Pond

We have been clearing away brush and trees around the pond the last couple of weekends.  My intention was to remove these old river willows, as they litter branches and limbs and are scrubby looking.  But as we cleared other brush away, I could see the beauty of these large old trees.  So, we are pruning them up and will enjoy them until they drop.  I especially like some of the long branches that lean way out over the water.  They are pretty cool after all.  Painting number 2663 in 2663 days.


  1. Very pretty Tammie! Great contrast especially with the sky reflecting on the water surface. Good decision to preserve the trees. They have character! Picturing the scene without the isn’t nearly as remarkable.

  2. Ohhh Tammie I love the colors you used in your painting. It is rich and so full of nature.