Monday, April 20, 2020

Rembrandt Tulips

These were my very first tulips to bloom, and here we are after a hailstorm and several hard freezes, and they are still striking!  I purchased these bulbs simply because they are Rembrandt tulips - how could this artist resist that?!!  These gorgeous blooms are my perfect reward for that decision, and I commit them to paper with ink and watercolor.  I used Robert Oster's Great Southern Ocean in my fountain pen for the ink work.  I tend to migrate to the blacker inks, but this wild departure is exhilarating! I REALLY love the turquoise turn of this ink with the addition of water.  I even popped it into a few shadow areas after the watercolor work!  Painting number 2661 in 2661 days.


  1. Beautiful colours in this painting. Love your tulips.

  2. Your paintings are AMAZING! Flowers are almost more beautiful than out there.

  3. Really well done. The colors are perfect.