Monday, September 3, 2018

S. Delaware and 3rd Street

The amazing light is what first drew my attention.  I had planned to paint the view looking down 4th Street, but oh, that light was calling.  I moved my car closer to the spot, and took my ink and paper out.  I would first ink the house, and then the street - and then decide which to paint. I never made it to the second drawing!  This was my scene!  I took out my oils and decided on a  8x10, because I was now 30 mintues into my 2 hour Quick Paint time.  Undaunted, I let the painting unfold.  I had already worked out the composition and values in ink, so I could allow that intuitive part of me lay down that paint. Would you believe I even finished 15 mintues early?  I had time to clean my brushes, frame and pack up at my leisure. Icing on the cake?  This painting was awarded 1st place in the Sunflower Stroll Quick Paint!  Painting number 2051 in 2051 days.
Sunflower Stroll Plein Air Winner
oil on panel, 10x8
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  1. So Lovely! someday I would love to be able to observe you from start to finish on one of your lovely drawing/paintings! I just love your style!!