Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Clouds Over the Red Barn

Mid day, the clouds started building with the heat, and I watched and waited.  As they grew thick and the winds kicked up, they were ripe for the painting!  I chose to paint towards the north today, where the color was rich.  To the south, they were far more washed out, with very little value difference, though they were rimmed in gold light - which was tempting!  When I approach a cloud painting, I squint down my eyes and start applying the masses that stand out, mindful of the values.  When the clouds are blowing, I do this quickly, hoping to put down all that information before they are out of view.  Once the panel is covered, I start checking edges.  Where are they soft?  Hard?  Always, I'm checking the sky, trying to capture it's likeness.  I REALLY do love painting a cloudscape.  Painting number 2066 in 2066 days.
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