Saturday, September 8, 2018

Kansas City Chalk Walk

It was barely misting when I started my lines with a favorite fountain pen.  Teetering on the fence between soluble ink and India ink, I decided to go with India ink.  So glad I did!  As I worked, the mist increased to more of a drizzle, and my paper grew damp. My first lines continued to spread as I added in my watercolor.  I held my paper under the edge of an umbrella table to try to protect it, because rain and watercolors do not mix!  I used a light touch with the water, as my paper was already saturated.  As I dropped in the final ink marks, they intensified and spread in a tight, spidery fashion, as only India ink works wet.  Chilled to the bone, wishing I had my rain jacket, I finished up and headed inside Crown Center to warm up!  Yes, I had boots and extra jackets and rain gear in the car, I just didn't want to walk all the way back there to get them!  Painting number 2057 in 2057 days.
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