Saturday, February 24, 2018

Rainy Day Barns

Starting my morning out with a leisurely cup of hot tea, I noticed how foggy the pasture was becoming.  Rain was not expected until after noon, so said the local meteorologist.  Pulling up radar on my phone, I could clearly see a large area of rain not far from me!  Jumping into action, I first donned running gear for an outdoor run with my trusty companion, cooling down with my quick paint in the field.  The run invigorates me - and really warms me up for the painting time to come in the cold and wet.  Worked like a charm, but the rain was already beginning by the time I started.  Well, I was plenty warm, so I forged ahead knowing I would have to stop if my panel got wet.  When in the rain, I tilt it downward, which keeps the water off until I can get that surface covered with paint.  Once covered, the oils paints repel the rain.  Uncovered, the rain repels the oils, and I'd have to give up or start with a dry panel.  The rain steadily increased, but I had plenty of time to get my painting finished before calling it quits.  Two rain paints this week - and I loved it!  Love capturing the mood of the day while standing in the midst of it - THIS is plein air!  Painting number 1863 in 1863 days.  Now for some hot tea, a warm blanket and watching the Olympics!

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