Saturday, February 10, 2018

Messenger Coffee

What a treat to spend a morning at Messenger Coffee in Kansas City!  From coffee roasters, bakers, fireplace going on the upper terrace outside, to the bustle of people in the lobby standing at the counter, this place is full of painting opportunities!  The only place I could grab a chair offered me this painting vantage. I liked capturing the patrons as they came and went with their coffee and pastries.  I sketched the structural lines first, to give me a map to drop the people in, one at a time.  Once the drawing was complete, I started with the watercolor.  In a place like this, speed is key - so I painted fast!  Sketching with friends is certainly a wonderful place to explore places I would not otherwise see!  Painting number 1848 in 1848 days.


  1. Wonderful drawing! I adore its rustic look and colors. Is that homemade paper?

  2. Wow is there nothing you can't paint. LOL Just wonderful.