Friday, September 8, 2017

Stone Pillar Vineyard Inked

This glass pen is a work of art!  I chose this one because it holds the stainless nibs, and the set comes with 7 ranging from super fine to very broad. Using the ark 14 nib here, I love how smooth the flow is, even on my rough cotton rag paper.  I like the feel of the glass pen in my hand, though it is heavier than my others.  I actually dropped it when trying to set it to the side!  Yikes!  Fountain pens are delicate - and that is definitely a big no-no!!  All is well, and this pen draws like a dream!  Thanks to Daveliou for producing such a fabulous fountain pen set!!  I really love the indigo ink, too!  Painting number 1704 in 1704 days.

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