Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Goldenrod in the Garden

What a beautiful morning for plein air painting!  Arriving on site, I walked right to this colorful wildflower bed - full of goldenrod run amuck!  I love the reckless abandon of an overflowing wildflower bed!  I tucked myself into a spot of shade to start this painting, after a quick ink drawing.  This drawing is an important step that helps me really sink my teeth into the process.  In this case, I altered my composition slightly after the sketch.  If I had jumped in with paint, it would have been difficult to make those changes without scraping back some of that paint.  This was national butterfly day and monarchs were released as children with nets ran after them.  Just a little extra magic on this beautiful summer day!  Painting number 1716 in 1716 days.
oil on panel, 12x9
honored to be in the top five of the Anita Gorman Center Quick Paint
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