Monday, August 28, 2017

Mason Jar of Brushes

Today has been a solid day of cleaning and reorganization!  Starting with Michaela's room (since she just left for college) and ending with my art books - I was in for a sweet reward!  Inside of my boxed drawing book set were supplies I'd never opened, and one was a dip pen and black ink!  I was just saying today that I'd like to try one to see how they worked - and mere hours later, one appears!!  I learned a few things tonight.  A fine nibbed pen is not kind to my fancy cotton paper, so I lightened my pressure.  The ink has to be put into something deep enough to dip past the well in the nib each time I reload.  The ink flows longer than I thought it would with one dip.  If I set down my pen for 20-30 seconds, the ink has already dried on the nib, and I have to swish it off in a little water and wipe with a cloth (see how dark my water is?)  And finally, the nib pulls right out for easy cleaning.....and I could replace it with another, if I like!  What a great way to end a day of drudgery!  Painting number 1692 in 1692 days.
ink on paper, 8x6
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