Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Happy Place Wildflowers

Since the first time I found this place, I make it a point to return here whenever I'm in town - and paint!  I LOVE this place!  A quick walk along the paths reveals painting after painting to me, and I can choose only one before heading up to the Wine Stroll. The light was so warm, and the wildflowers more beautiful than I've ever seen them, I could hardly wait to paint!  Without time to even sketch this one, I jumped right into the paint, filling the masses with their local colors.  Standing in the shade, it was a very comfortable paint with birdsong and rustling leaves to keep me company.   Alas, I didn't want to leave!  But duty called, and I pried myself away. Painting number 1694 in 1694 days.
oil on panel, 14x11
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  1. Oh Yes! What atmosphere! The wildflowers are so inviting! I have a vase of them on my counter from a friend this morning waiting for a painting!