Sunday, August 20, 2017

Noboleis Winery in Ink

Today's paper is a deckled edge watercolor card by Strathmore, that I have drawn in fountain pen.  Once my vineyard landscape is as I want it, I come into some of those areas with a little water on a brush, to soften edges and get some of those gray tones.  I like having a card, ready for me to paint, but I miss the yummy texture and response of my favorite khadi papers.  It is always good to mix things up and explore untried supplies.  Who knows - the next thing I try may be the thing I can't live without!  Painting number 1684 in 1684. Yes, I've gotten my count mixed up, and will have to go back and edit the numbers.  How can one be expected to keep that straight with all I have on my plate?

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