Sunday, June 4, 2017

Wonder in the Sky

Today was the Art Fair at the arboretum, and it is my last day for painting in the Stems event.  I've had so much fun painting in the gardens.  Today was hot and humid, with rain threatening.  For this painting,  I was set up under the edge of my tent,  so when the rain began, it was okay.  I could keep on painting until finished.  The clouds were simply amazing as they raced across the sky.  I started with the shadow sides of the clouds first, moving to the lights next.  As I moved to the midtones, I pushed the colors a little to capture their beauty.  It was fun to visit with all the patrons as they walked through the gardens, I think I may just go into withdrawal when I'm not painting here every day!  Painting number 1607 in 1607 days.

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