Monday, June 5, 2017

Art Fair at the Arboretum

I'm so at home in the garden, it is a delight to set up my easel and paint!  While visiting with patrons, I like to capture the experience of the day.  With pen and ink and paints, I went from one project to another, the path, the lake, the gardens and the tents, finishing with a drawing of my easel!  Capturing these moments while surrounded in the landscape is a sure way for the mood of the day to seep into my artwork!  It has been so fun to have Michaela join me in this plein air event, and she even had her first sale!  SO EXCITING!  Who knew 9 years ago when she and Michael tagged along with me, their own easels in tow, that she would one day paint in the event herself?  This painting makes 1608 in 1608 days.

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