Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Mountain Pond

Hiking trails can be found everywhere in Colorado.  Simply start walking in the direction of the mountains, and before I know it, the trail becomes rather remote!  A couple of times I found myself backtracking, a little wary of running into bears on my own.  If you are ever in Colorado Springs, you must drive up to Pike's Peak!  The views are breathtaking all the way up the mountain, and once you're at the top there is a gift shop and cafe to enjoy - and get you out of the snow and 50mph winds!  It's amazing how dramatically different the weather is from the bottom to the top!  There just isn't enough time to paint my fill in this place.  Painting number 1617 in 1617 days.

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  1. Beautiful Tammie - So glad you are having time to capture this lovely place.