Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Oil on panel, 11x14
On this third day of the Adam Clague figure and portrait workshop, I have completed this painting of Jason, our model.  My "firsts" for today are - first man painted from life and first 3/4 figure painted from life!  The focus for today was edges, and I was mindful of varying them from soft to hard to lost altogether.  My goal for today was to lay in the darks of the skin - and leave their values alone!  By simply paying attention, I was able to accomplish this without strife.  The 3/4 figure was a bit challenging....I loved the angle of the head, but would have rather had the legs go out to the right. But alas, this is part of the game.  With 7 or 8 artists all vying for the best painting position, this is certainly a give and take situation.  I had good light on my palette and panel (unlike Monday's virtual painting in the dark), but had to give a little on premo figure position.  To make the most of this, I chose my composition carefully.  I was really drawn to a straight profile angle, but didn't want to paint looking directly into the spotlight.  I may just try it one of these days, as it is the second day I've been drawn to the profile only to talk myself out of it!  This is painting number 422 in as many days.  

Upon arriving home tonight, I found this wonderful news in my inbox!  I have been selected as a featured artist in an article by the Missouri Arts Council titled Snapshots of the Missouri Arts Blogosphere!  I am SO excited, I can't hardly see straight!  What an honor it is to mentioned with such amazing artists across the state!  One never knows what a day will bring - this one certainly was a gift!

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