Monday, February 24, 2014


Oil on panel, 9x12
This is my very first portrait painting from life!  Oh my gosh - it was exhilarating!  Just like the first time I completed a graphite portrait, joy and excitement welled up inside of me - I LOVED it!  Who knew?  I could so easily become addicted to this life drawing/painting work!  I am taking a figure and portrait painting workshop all this week, so each day there will be a live model or two to paint.  On working on this one, I realize my panels are not toned right for portrait work.  So, I must re-prime a few tonight for the next few days with a cooler, lighter shade.  Several are using white panels, but I just can't make myself do it, so we'll see how tomorrow goes.  I may just come home and prime in a different shade yet!  With all of my drawing background, actually getting a likeness is the easy part.  Now, I will concentrate on getting the right color temperatures to breathe life into each piece.  I am so excited for tomorrow!!  How will I ever get to sleep tonight?  I know this must sound crazy to those non-artists, but this is truly what art does to me - stirs my soul with a burning desire to create!  Painting number 420 in as many days - and my dad continues to improve with each day :)

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  1. Tammie, the life painting class sounds like an exciting new direction for you. My goodness, you have the knack for achieving likeness so well. This is a beautiful painting. I think using a white background would not work for me either. Your background colors are beautiful and enhance the image..