Monday, February 10, 2014

February Snow

February Snow
Oil on panel, 5x7
This has been a very busy winter day.  After being snowed in all last week, I had to catch up on all those things I was unable to do.  After a Zumba class and a Yoga class, and some shopping, I returned home - finally able to think about painting.  Normally, I already have an idea in my head of what I want to paint.  Today, I only knew I wanted to paint the snow.  It was another gray day, so here I have pushed the subtle grays of winter with brush and palette knife.  I have a gamblin gray that I have never used, called Torret gray.  I think I'll pull it out on one of these snowy, gray days - and see what it has to lend the palette.  I was saving it for a grisaille, but perhaps if I actually squeeze it out on my palette, I'll use it.  My artist friends know how I do not like to clean my palette!  I only scrape when I have to, and I keep it in the freezer to make my set-up and clean up faster.  After all, when I paint a painting everyday, I must use every short-cut I can think of!  Painting number 406 in as many days :)

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