Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Train through the Snow

Train through the Snow
Oil on canvas with easel, 4x4

 This clear, bright winter's day, has me framing and taking care of a few things I have lately been unable to.  For today's painting, I am taking a local steam engine and placing it on the tracks through the snow in Colorado.  This engine currently resides near the old depot in Belton, Missouri.  The surface is lightly textured, but the small 4 inch square size makes it look heavily textured on the large weave canvas.  I'm so thankful that my dad is so much better, and he is actually chomping at the bit to get started back home.  This makes 372 paintings in 372 days and Day 7 in the current 30 day painting challenge.  After painting daily for so many days, it really does become a force of habit to keep it up.  Each day has me finding my painting window, and adjusting my painting size to that window.  I'm looking forward to having a few days this winter when I can paint all day long!

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