Thursday, January 30, 2014

Teapot Geraniums

Teapot Geraniums
Oil on panel, 11x14
Full of energy this morning, I decided to follow my pilates class with a Zumba class - with weights.  Silly me!  I have been "feeling the burn" ever since!  Arriving home after shopping (it was all I could do to carry the bags), I started dinner in the crock-pot, and pulled out my paints.  I love this old teapot - it belonged to my great-grandmother Ethie and was passed on to my by my Grandma Frank.  The handle is a little rusty, and the patina is a wonderful, rough finish - SO paintable.  This time, I started with a panel primed in black - which I normally save for nocturnes, but as my supply is running low - I am using what I have.  My goal on this one was to give the feel of days gone by, as if seeing this teapot through a dream.  I used lots of loose, impressionistic strokes to add to the dreaminess.  Finishing later than planned tonight, this painting makes 395 paintings in 395 days, and finishing up with the 30th painting in the 30 day painting challenge :)

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