Tuesday, January 28, 2014

In the Stretch

In the Stretch
Oil on panel, 12x6
After six days in a magical fairy land, I am returning to my comfort zone.  Sometimes images just float around the back of my mind, begging for me to paint them.  It feels so good to be painting on my wood panels again, I missed the drag of the surface, the way the paint pulls across the slight texture.  Once again, I begin to run short of panels.  I need to get some more cut, and get them primed before I run out of surfaces to paint on!  Getting back to what I am so comfortable with is just like wrapping up in a heated blanket, with a hot cup of tea!  Well, time to get back on schedule and pick up my youngest son from robotics.  Back to the real world!  Painting number 393 in 393 days and day 28 in the 30 day painting challenge :)

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  1. Tammie your work is so beautiful, I love all the pinks and delicacy of this, gorgeous!