Monday, December 30, 2013

Winter's Song

Winter's Song
Acrylic on canvas, gallery wrapped, 4x4 inches
St. Luke's Hospital East Gift Shop
Today was hard to find a painting window.  Starting with early morning errands, then hosting lunch for 22, and ending with a movie out with half of the family.  Mixed into all this was a concern for my father who started off okay, but backslid as the day progressed.  We have been on an up and down roller coaster since last Tuesday.  It is a very hard thing for me to paint when I am so worried.  I did find a 45 minute window, and made myself paint.  I felt better instantly.  Even with all the surrounding chaos and worry, the simple act of painting gave me solace.  The normal joys of family gatherings grow bittersweet, with the light of dad's health cast upon them.  I'm hoping and praying for healing.  Painting number 357 in 357 days.

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