Friday, December 13, 2013

Ice Skaters at Sunset

Ice Skaters at Sunset
Oil on panel, 5x5
The freezing rain and icy roads this morning inspired me to paint these little ice skaters on the pond!  I love these days when I can't get out - because it means I can dig in and really get some painting done!  Or, so I thought.  I had a competition to enter, deciding what to enter, getting images and doing the paperwork took me the same time I could actually paint a whole painting in.  And then, there were the Christmas cards calling my I wrote and wrote until I had a good stack finished.  After numerous other chores, I am finally posting today's painting....the only one I was able to get to today - although two others are sketched out and waiting for me.  It is going to be a very busy weekend!  Painting number 341 in 341 days :)

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