Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Miniature Cardinal

Miniature Cardinal
Acrylic on canvas, 3x2 with easel
GOT Art Gallery Holiday Trunk Show - sold
Painting in this miniature size is so much fun!  On these busy days, I have been working on much larger pieces between the little ones - and these small ones are like taking a vacation!  It is like a sweet escape in the midst of lots of work - truly a joy.  I bought supplies for nine more this afternoon, and will have to prime them all and paint the easels tomorrow - before ever laying down the first strokes.  Now, I must get to writing my Christmas cards.  I love to send out long, personal messages in each one, so it takes me forever to get them all written!  But, the rewards are endless, because each family knows just how special they are to me - which is priceless.  Seize the day!  Painting number 338 in as many days :)

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