Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Sugar Creek Afternoon

What a gorgeous day for painting at Sugar Creek Vineyard - and the light was spectacular!  Before I landed in this spot, I set up 4 other times in different locations.  First, I was looking up the vineyard trail - but the light was too washed out. Next in the vineyard on the opposite side - but another artist was already heading that way, and the composition wasn't quite right. The next two were two slightly different views of the side of this building with it's umbrellas spreading out like a blanket - but there were already 4 artists working on that view.  Each time I returned to the car, this view spoke to me.  Finally, the 5 time I listened!  I rarely waffle on a painting spot like this, but I think the strong light and shadow here pulled me right in.  Painting number 5035 in 5035 days. 

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