Thursday, May 16, 2024

Cottage on Walnut


Painting during the evening hours is a lovely experience.  I watch as the sun sets and the light fades, often sketching my scene in paint while I can still see well.  I like to work by the light of street lamps, and it can become pretty dark at times. The street quiets with only a few passers by a I work on another piece.   When the owners of the cottage stopped by to turn in the lights, I just HAD to capture the magic!  I set my gallery painting aside and started this one in it's place, complete with waving flag on the front porch.  What a sweet cottage to paint in historic Augusta - and I'm so happy it has a new family, the owners of the Honeybee Vineyard. I purchased a gorgeous tea rose wreath from a local shop, the Wandering Owl, which was made from grapevines from their vineyard!  I will now think of them every time I walk through my front door!  Painting number 5044 in 5044 days. 

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