Monday, June 6, 2022

Wood Valley Junction

Each daily paintout in Steelville is a secret, announced just prior to the event.  I heard this place is a thousand acres, and I only made it to two different spots in here to paint.  This spot was brimming with train tracks, railroad crossing lights, wooden water tank and cool buildings, with a vintage feel to the whole place!  Raining when I started this, I tucked under the edge of a shed to get my panel covered before rain hit it.  When the rain let up, I'd shift back out, then in again as the rain returned.  I often hit my oil paintings with a light coat of varnish on finishing, but not today.  I think there was probably too much precipitation on top of the oils for that - so I'll wait until I'm sure it's dry.  So happy to win an award on this one, too!  Painting number 4238 in 4238 days. 

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