Thursday, June 30, 2022

Three Llamas

It was so fun to gather with elementary school friends at the Kelso Family Farm tonight - and to spend a little time with their llamas, too!  I had been here years ago with my youngest daughter, to paint the livestock, and it was wonderful to return! My original thought was to paint the barn with the animals in the landscape, but as I approached, they were so close that I jumped right to painting their forms.  When they moved out of position, I painted the background landscape - until one moved back in.  Patience is key when painting animals, as well as close observation, in case you must finish from memory!  It was wonderful to catch up with my classmates after a quick paint with the llamas! A big thank you to Mike Kelso for hosting, feeding us, and sending us home with beef from his farm!  Painting number 4262 in 4262 days. 

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