Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Union Station Magic

 I love to use ink and watercolor for pre-sketching my composition.  In fact, ink alone is my "go to", but I often take it further, adding color.  I have a hard time deciding which media to use here, so I end up bringing ink, watercolor and oils!  It's silly, because it is a long haul to the car, so I carry it all in a heavy bag over my shoulder!  But what's an artist to do?  Once I had finished with the ink and watercolor, I did not go on to paint an oil here.  Happy with this painting, there was no need to express it again.  So, I walked to the adjacent corner for the quick paint using oil.  I again used the portrait format with tree and window, only with a different vantage.  I do like that I could see the historic clock here.  Five generations of my family have walked these halls, and surely checked the time on that clock.  I love that I'm now painting here, in this timeless place.  Painting number 3252 in 3252 days. 

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