Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Stargazer Creek

This lovely bend in the creek that feeds Cleveland Lake is right off the main walk. Easily accessible, it's a great spot for a quick pen and ink drawing.  I'm using a new ink from Diamine's Inkvent Calendar - Stargazer, a rich, warm blue when wet.  It is very dark in the line, but a light brush of water releases the extra chroma.  I can see how wonderful this could be for a snow covered nocturne, with the night sky inked heavily this shade of blue.  I've been very busy getting paintings finished and shipped out.  I'm hoping to get one done for myself, too - if the stars align!  I'm currently behind on my ink doors, but I plan to catch up over Christmas break. Things are bound to slow down!  Painting number 3259 in 3259 days. 

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