Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Irishman Covered Bridge

 What a crazy plein air day this has been!  What started as a lovely paint of the Irishman Covered Bridge at Fowler Park, quickly turned to yells for help from across the lake! I left my Mom with my stuff as I rushed over, wondering what was going on.  He was hunched over this fish, on hands and knees with plenty of blood around. I thought he might have cut off his finger!  He was keeping the fish from moving, as the three pronged hook caught his index finger and the large fish with two prongs, leaving one hook for me to try to pull out of first him, then the fish - but I couldn't release either!  We were able to manipulate the fish off the hook - so he asked if I'd take a photo before releasing him! "Really?" I say, as his finger bleeds with the still embedded hook.  "It's the only proof I have - it's the biggest fish I've caught all season." So, I took the shot with the fish, hook, bloody ground and guy smiling, and he asks me if I got ALL the fish, so I backed up a little and took another. Then, I try again to get the hook out, failed, and I help him get his stuff gathered to leave.  He said his finger was numb now, so he's good to drive. I hold the fishing pole as he gets it free of the hook, and he proceeds to the hospital, where I hope they have better luck! I return to finish this painting - but never got my head back in the game!  Oh what a plein air adventure!  Painting number 2862 in 2862 days. 

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