Thursday, July 9, 2020

Green Chairs

After a good workout at the gym, and a full day's garden work, I took a little plein air sanity break before moving on to my next task.  I could see the golden hour approaching as I put tools and dumped the wheelbarrow.  The light sweeping across the north side grabbed me - so I went for my gear and sketched!  Of the many beautiful colors of chairs I could have painted - the green ones were here.  The fleeting thought of switching them with the reds chairs crossed my mind - but I was too tired to do it!  I like the red chairs out front, and didn't want to have to move them back!  Lol!  So, true to life, this painting is a study in the greens of high summer in Missouri!  I wish I'd had yesterday's fountain pen, and that warm red brown ink - but I found it too late, and went with Robert Oster's Black is Black instead.  Now, it's spring cleaning in my art supply area - which is why I needed a sanity break!  Painting number 2737 in 2737 days.

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