Friday, July 24, 2020

Golden Hour Hay Bales

Oh it feels good to play in the oils again!  I reloaded my palette before walking out to the pasture, as I remembered having run out of a few paints last weekend.  Since I've been organizing my paintings and panels during covid, I've decided to paint over old paintings that I'm no longer happy with.  Since I'm my worst critic, many paintings will soon hide beneath fresh, new ones.  Perhaps one day X-rays will reveal their hidden treasures!  The long juicy shadows disappeared as the sun dipped below the trees, but I was almost done, so it only affected my photo.  That light was glorious out there this evening!  Painting number 2752 in 2752 days.


  1. I can see in the painting a different feel and how much you enjoy oils. I love love love this painting.