Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Sunset in May

Today was spent digging out sod from a spot where I'm going to put my pumpkin patch.  I had a small volunteer one last year, so this year I am moving those seedlings where they can spread out!  This is the western view from that patch, and as the sun started dropping, it began to call my name.  I hastily dug the last few spots and went in for my pochade!  So happy I could get this done before coming in.  Love these peaceful moments en plein air.  Painting number 2678 in 2678 days.


  1. I always recognize water color, but am sometimes not sure about oil or acrylic, which is this? I like the contrast between the trees and foreground. Pumpkin patch paintings will be fun!

  2. Tammie I love this eerie painting. I can imagine things in the woods.