Monday, August 12, 2019

Sister Bay Inked

Standing in the Waterfront Park at Sister Bay offers a painting in every direction.  From the crowded beach to the rambling marina stretching off into the distance, the busy shoreline is a wonderful place to spend the morning.  After scouting for a bit, I landed pretty quickly on this spot.  The abundant wildflowers in the foreground with that sweep of water in the background, the different planes appealed to my senses. Using my TWSBI fountain pen and favorite Levenger Raven black ink, I used the very last of the ink drawing this sketch.  I changed sketch bags before heading north, and I didn't bring an extra bottle of ink.  I have got to remember that!  It is not my first time to run out of ink when out of town.  Painting number 2422 in 2422 days.

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