Friday, August 16, 2019

Kansas City Zoo

Arriving early at the Kansas City Zoo, I walked up the hill past the first parking lot to take a look.  I really loved this view, but scouted a little further before returning with my inks and watercolors.  Having only one paper in my chosen format, I had to make it work.  Still 100% cotton rag, the texture is far smoother than my preferred paper.  I've tried it two other times, and did not care for it.  Here were are, 200 ink and watercolors later, and it is not that bad to work with.  I have to be more deliberate in my water flow, and control that pigment, but I actually like the results.  Will I add it to my paper arsenal?  Probably not, but it is fun to conquer it, instead of the other way around! Painting number 2426 in 2426 days.

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