Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Julian Estate

Though I had to stand in the sun to get this vantage, this place was a pleasure to draw!  I jump right in with my fountain pen, I never use a pencil first.  With such a complicated scene, I did pull out my India ink pen to make a few tag marks to help me visualize all the angles and lines.  From the grand entrance, everything is relationships between the masses.  Once I get all my lines down with my fountain pen, I then float over a little water to get my mid tones - and on such a hot day - that water dried SUPER fast!  I thought I might have to fill up my water brush from the fountain - but I had just enough!  Painting number 2402 in 2402 days.  Don't you just love that street?  I wish every street were paved in such a way!

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