Saturday, January 26, 2019

Portage River in January

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There was a fresh coat of snow overnight, and the sun was out briefly this morning.  Every day, I look to see how the river changes.  It has many moods.  The flooded plane is now an ice rink, and the new snow covers it like a blanket.  The water level has dropped, and ice chunks aplenty flow quickly downriver.  I had forgotten how light changes swiftly over Lake Erie, and the scene before me changed three times before completion.  Following my mantra of not chasing the light, I stay with my original vision.  I switched back to my Richeson oils with yesterday's painting, making the process so much easier.  I've grown used to the palette, and pulling my small tin out that I've loaded all willy-nilly was messing with my flow!   Can't wait to see what the river does tomorrow.  Painting number 2215 in 2215 days.

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