Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Ohio Barn in January

Traveling through the back roads of the Midwest all day offered so many painting opportunities!  Rainy and snowy, farms dotted the moody landscape - and you know I can't resist a vintage barn!  I did leave my extra ink and fountain pens at home, so I will have to make stretch what I have!  Yikes!  I now wish I hadn't taken those last two pens out - without replacing them!  I've used a Pilot Varsity for the ink work, and my newest 42 watercolor travel set for the color.  Only the second painting I've used these for, I LOVE exploring the palette!  I'm finding some of yellows very similar, even though the pan color looks different.  I just mix to get what I want when I find one lacking.  I also find I'm mixing into the greens, as they are not quite what I want.  To be fair, are greens out of the palette ever just right?  No, they aren't.  The best greens are mixed.  With 42 options, their are unlimited mixing possibilities!  Painting number 2212 in 2212 days.
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