Sunday, April 1, 2018

Ha Ha Tonka - journal

The Ha Ha Tonka ruins are majestic as they sit high on the bluffs, above a winding spring.  I start first with my TWSBI mini, filled with Caran D'ache Cosmic Black ink.  I most often use black when sketching a scene.  It wasn't long before my pen ran dry - oh why didn't I check it?  It is a demonstrator pen and I can clearly see the ink, if if only pay attention!  So, I move to another favorite, the TWSBI Eco filled with a fancy J. Herbin Caroube de Chypre ink.  My favorite part of this ink is the tiny gold flecks!  I use a little watercolor to tint and a little water to move my ink - which is a little new for me.  I almost always use India ink when using watercolor because it can be tricky to control the ink on a wet surface.  But, I'm growing more adept at the media, and like the depth I can achieve here.  Cool pens, cool ink, cool paper - how can one go wrong?  Painting number 1901 in 1901 days.

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