Thursday, April 12, 2018

Bagnell Dam

As I explore more fountain pens, a few have risen to the top like cream.  Both the TWSBI Eco and Mini are smooth as butter and hold so much ink.  I didn't realize what a benefit this was until I ran out a couple of times with other pens.  I do love the piston reloader, so easy to use!   This paper is a more traditional watercolor paper, and less absorbent than the cotton rag.  The result is a line that bleeds freely with the addition of a little water.  I thought these towers along the dam looked like they stepped out of a Star Wars movie!  So cool to draw!  Painting number 1908 in 1908 days.


  1. Thanks for this info. This is fantastic.

  2. Between you and my son raving about the TWSBI pens, I might as well give up and order one! Love this sketch, I grew up down there in that neck of the woods!