Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Of Garden and City

Of Garden and City
Acrylic over molding paste on panel, 16x12
Brush Creek Art Walk - purchase here
sketch & molding paste

On the lawn south of the Kauffman Gardens, I started this painting with the buildings of the Plaza in the background.  After the initial sketch with pastel, I took my palette knife and sculpted in the detail.  Using a heavier hand on the trees, grass and flowers, and a lighter one on the background, I built up the layers until satisfied.  Allowing this to dry briefly, I started another one of zinnias.  I don't like waiting for anything, so when something requires drying time, I always work on a second and sometimes a third painting in the same technique - so by the time I am through with them - my first one is dry.  I then start blocking in my masses, using extra caution over the molding paste.  The thicker parts take longer to dry, and I don't want to shift the paste.  Now, I push and pull the color to reflect how this beautiful landscape affects me.  So much of a painting is a reflection of that specific time and place, and how I respond to my surroundings.  This was a lovely, warm day with gentle breezes - SO welcome after Friday's cold and rainy plein air day!  I must enjoy these days while they last!  Painting number 626 in as many days and Day 16 of the current 30 Day Painting Challenge.

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