Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hummingbird and Rose Batik

Hummingbird and Rose Batik
Ink, watercolor and wax on rice paper, 12x8
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Switching gears today, I am experimenting again - this time with a thinner rice paper.  My friend loaned me some scraps of rice paper, and this one is so thin, I have to be careful not to tear it with the paintbrush when wet!  I first sketched this one in with brown india ink, then painted the hummingbird, roses and foliage.  Painting over this with hot wax, I next floated in all background color.  A second coat of wax, and then the crinkling begins.  I had to be super careful here - the thin paper would otherwise be easily torn!  I next painted around the edges and into the cracks with a cool brown watercolor.  This paper was so thin, that even the crack resisted the paint!  I had to crack it multiple times to get the creases to accept some more paint!  All of the other rice papers I have tried worked better than this one - and I think this one came in a tablet.  I will avoid this paper next time, but I have already a second just waiting to be wrinkled up and painted in the last step.  This painting is my 639th painting in as many days and the 29th painting in the 30 Day Painting Challenge.

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