Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Dragon

The Dragon
Graphite on paper
by special request
This one is for my children who think I am a "boring artist".  "You already have the skills, mom, just apply them to something cool!"  So, today I am reaching WAY outside of myself to render this imaginary creature.  I pulled out drawing paper - which I haven't used for decades, not wanting to use my bristol.  My intention was to just try to figure out what I wanted as I sketched.  As I worked, I added more depth, trying to give realism to un unrealistic subject.  Just as I do with portraits, I started with the eyes.  If I couldn't make eyes I was happy with, I would have left the rest undone.  I feel like this drawing is crazy, and am shaking my head as I post it.  But alas, I will not have time to do another.  Artwork 248 in as many days, and Day 8 of the painting challenge.


  1. He's wonderful! Or is it she?
    He seems to silently say "what took you so long to draw me?!" Oh, I understand that dragons are not your forte, but he did turn out very well. Congratulations.

    Found you through Leslie's site. Love this. Understand about being out of your comfort zone! LOL

    1. Thank you, Angeline-Marie! I told my son that I would probably yank this from my site - but, I guess I'll leave it. After all, it IS about the journey!